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All participating exhibitors are actively working on climate transformation and will present their climate-related solutions.
Exhibitors at #CTS2023 are suppliers of climate-friendly B2B products and services. They will have a virtual booth at the online fair to showcase their products and services and connect with the Summit participants.


CarbonStack accelerates the transformation to CO2 neutrality by offsetting emissions that are difficult to avoid with local compensation projects. To do so, we evaluate the CO2 uptake of forests with satellite images and document the projects on a public blockchain. 

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The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. The renewable energy company is recognised on the CDP Climate Change A List as a global leader on climate action and was the first energy company in the world to have its science-based net-zero emissions target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


We enable, engage and inspire your workforce for your sustainability culture. With our gamified mobile app we motivate and engage your employees and your management is empowered with insights and progress on your journey towards a sustainable mindset.

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Eevie enables companies to develop a climate-friendly corporate culture and reach sustainability goals faster by providing them with a SaaS platform. Companies can build, share and engage all employees in company-specific climate campaigns, tackling relevant sustainability goals. Employees are helped to enhance climate awareness and make climate friendly decisions at work and at home.


DQS areas of expertise include audit and assessment services related to sustainability and consumer safety and strengthen trust in your organization. This includes certification of quality & product safety management systems, supplier audits, inspection, product certification and more.


As a network, B.A.U.M. e.V. is committed to advancing a future worth living through sustainable business. Founded in 1984 and with well over 700 members, the association is today a strong voice of sustainably operating companies and a driving force for sustainable development in Europe.


windCORES is the world's first data centre in a wind turbine and a brand of the German company WestfalenWIND IT GmbH & Co. KG. Their goal is to make the digital world more sustainable and to offer an innovative concept for a distributed data centre infrastructure of the future.


ENVIRIA enables the C&I sector to make its own contribution to the energy transition through innovative
solar-centric solutions and scalable Energy-as-a-Service concepts. It helps modernizing financing models and creating smart matches between space availability and solar investments. 

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Holocene reinvents and co-creates sustainable business models with and for its partners. Holocene enables businesses to drive forward their sustainable transformation - with human centric and circular methods, for profitable growth in balance with nature and society.


THE CLIMATE CHOICE is the supplier climate intelligence and engagement platform trusted by leading brands to save costs and automate time intensive processes for supply chain decarbonization. Everything you need to set up, test, manage and achieve your supplier climate engagement targets – from data acquisition to tracking and engagement. 

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The Climate Choice offers a climate data-driven B2B cloud-based platform for decarbonizing companies and their supply chains. The SaaS platform makes climate data visible and enables collaborative decarbonisation efforts along the supply chain.


First Climate Markets AG is an international provider of solutions for climate protection and renewable energy supply. It develops emission reduction projects and supports companies and organisations worldwide with climate neutrality, green energy and water management services.


NIDISI reintegrates plastic waste into the value chain of the global south to generate highly reliable and transparent plastic compensation values. These values help companies in the global north to live up
to their responsibility for a sustainable future by reducing their plastic footprint.


Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen and green fuels facilities, and bioenergy plants. Moreover, Ørsted provides energy products to its customers.


Since 2018, the Development and Climate Alliance has linked development cooperation with international climate protection by providing a platform for voluntary GHG offsetting projects which work towards the achievement of the SDGs. 

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Impact Forecast makes impact data and expertise available to anyone with an online tool and accessible workshops, leveraged by expert coaching and validation on-demand.


The Generation Forest offers companies the opportunity to integrate their economic activities into a serious commitment to climate protection. The cooperatives partners invest flexibly in concrete reforestation projects and compensate their emissions by genering forests.


Leaftech is a Digital twin-based solution provider for buildings. Leaftech data services enable real estate operators to make informed decisions on building upgrades and optimize the performance of the building.


KlimAktiv is a provider of carbon footprinting software and related consultancy services located in Tübingen, Germany. Their tools calculate GHG emissions of companies, events, selected products, and individuals. With almost 20 years of experience in the sector, they also offer consultancy services along their clients’ climate protection journey.


Zero Waste Your Life supports companies, organisations and individuals to act more sustainably. They create resource flow analyses, carbon footprints and life cycle assessments and reveal opportunities for more circularity and resource efficiency. 

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The mission of the App SUSTAYN is to help companies transform into an environmentally aware and sustainable business. SUSTAYN works from the inside out and starts by teaching employees more about sustainability in a playful manner

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