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Experts from the fields of CO₂ measurement, reduction and offsetting share their best practices, insights and experiences of corporate climate transformation. From corporations to start-ups, from politicians to NGO leaders, from climate change officers to buyers. We invite you to be part of it! What awaits you:

Climate Transformation Summit 2023

12 May


09:00 CEST - Welcome & Intro

09:30 CEST - Keynote 

10:00 CEST - Main Panel

11:10 CEST - Speed Networking

11:30 CEST - Workshops

13:15 CEST - Short Pitches

13:30 CEST - Online Fair

15:00 CEST - First Fireside Chat

16:00 CEST - Speed Networking

16:15 CEST - Second Fireside Chat

17:30 CEST - Review

18:00 CEST - Goodbye & Chillout

09:00 CEST - Welcome & Intro

09:30 CEST - Keynote

10:00 CEST - Main Panel

11:10 CEST - Speed Networking

11:30 CEST - Workshops

13:15 CEST - Short Pitches

13:30 CEST - Online Fair

15:00 CEST - First Fireside Chat

16:00 CEST - Climate Champion Award

16:20 CEST - Final Keynote 

17:00 CEST - Closing

17:10 CEST  - Goodbye and Chillout

11 May


Keynote: Julian Zuber - German Zero

09:30 CEST

G0_Logo_einzeilig_gelb-auf-transparent_RGB 256x256px.png

Kicking off our conference, we have a special keynote address from Julian Zuber from German Zero. This speaker will delve into the urgent need for companies to take action and transform their supply chains to have a positive impact on the environment.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in the field of climate transformation.

Welcome & Intro

09:00 CEST

We are very happy to welcome you to the fourth edition of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit and show you what we prepared for you!

Lara Obst, Co-Founder of THE CLIMATE CHOICE, will welcome us and together with Alice Novello, Summit Lead, will guide you through the schedule of the day and get you familiar with AirMeet - the event platform hosting the event. Let's get started and let's drive climate transformation together!

Main Panel -  From CSRD to action: Making Transformation Happen! 

10:00 CEST



Don't miss the chance to be a part of the conversation and take part in "From CSRD to Action: Making Transformation Happen." This Main Panel will tackle the most critical topics for a successful climate transformation and explore how we can all make a difference.

Together with our distinguished panelists, we will explore how to turn CSRD into tangible action, and what it takes to drive real impact today. You will learn about the key steps necessary to move from theory to practice, beyond the traditional focus on CO2-calculation and offsetting, and how to create a culture of transformation that engages all stakeholders.

Be prepared to leave with a deeper understanding of how you can create real impact for profit, people, and planet.

CLIMATE Online Fair

13:30 CEST

 CLIMATE Pioneers will be waiting for you at our amazing Online Fair! You will be able to hear directly from them the innovative climate solutions they supply, and exchange contacts to make the most of this time. 

 Fireside Chat - Climate Neutral and Beyond

15:00 CEST

FireSide Chat _Climate Neutral and Beyond_ .png



Be a part of a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of 'Climate Neutral & Beyond,' featuring special guests Paula Caballero, “the inventor of the ESGs”, and Yvonne Zwick from B.A.U.M. Our experts will shed light on the key components of a successful sustainable transformation, and how companies can harmonize their business objectives with climate goals. 

They will also take us on a detailed exploration of  the role of climate considerations in the SDGs. This discussion will provide a wealth of knowledge and actionable steps, whether you're seeking to make a difference in your professional life.


11:30 CEST

Experts from different fields, science and the ClimateTech sector take attendees on an interactive journey towards climate transformation. 

Register in advance for two of the 10 workshops available and get one of the limisted spots to your favorite one!

Short Pitches

13:15 CEST

During this time, attendees will hear different pitches from some of the CLIMATE Pioneers they will then be able to meet at our great CLIMATE Online Fair.

Fireside Chat- Transformation From Within

16:15 CEST

Transformation from within #cts2023.png

Join us for an insightful FireSide chat on 'Transformation from Within,' where we'll delve into the crucial tools and strategies needed for successful climate transformation. This discussion will go beyond CO2-calculation and offsetting, and focus on how to measure CO2, manage risks, increase opportunities, and build the necessary skills for real impact. We'll explore how organizations and individuals can work together to achieve a sustainable future for profit, people, and planet. Whether you're a seasoned sustainability professional or just starting your journey, this conversation will provide valuable insights and actionable steps for creating lasting change from the inside out.

Review & Chillout

17:30 CEST

The first day of the Summit has come to an end.

It is now time to look back on the day together and share our key takeaways before saying goodbye and getting ready for the second day of the #CTS2022.

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