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Experts from the fields of CO₂ measurement, reduction and offsetting share their best practices, insights and experiences of corporate climate transformation. From corporations to start-ups, from politicians to NGO leaders, from climate change officers to buyers. We invite you to be part of it! What awaits you:

12 May


09:00 CEST - Welcome & Intro

09:30 CEST - Keynote

10:00 CEST - Main Panel I

11:10 CEST - Speed Networking

11:30 CEST - Workshops

14:15 CEST - Climate Solution Pitches

13:30 CEST - Online Fair

15:00 CEST - Fireside Chat I

16:00 CEST - Speed Networking

16:15 CEST - Fireside Chat II

17:30 CEST - Review

18:30 CEST - Satellite Event in Berlin and Hamburg (hybrid)

09:00 CEST - Welcome & Intro

09:30 CEST - Keynote

10:00 CEST - Main Panel II

11:10 CEST - Speed Networking

11:30 CEST - Workshops

13:30 CEST - Climate Solutions Pitches

14:15 CEST - Online Fair

15:00 CEST - Fireside Chat III

16:00 CEST - Climate Champion Award

16:20 CEST - Final Keynote 

16:50 CEST - Closing & Goodbye

11 May



09:30 CEST

The second keynote at #CTS2023 will be delivered by Aida Junks, Sustainability Manager at GLS Bank. The keynote will focus on the rising risks due to climate change and the need for understanding, measurement, and management of these. Aida will highlight the corporate challenges associated with this issue and provide insights from various angles. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change on climate risk and the necessary steps to manage and mitigate those.

Keynote Banner #CTS2023 Aida Jukas.jpg

Welcome & Intro

09:00 CEST



We will start the second day of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit by looking at the highlights of the previous day, and engage the live attendees, to get ready for an exciting second day!

Main Panel - Overcoming Scope 3 Challenge

10:00 CEST

Main Panel Friday .png

Join us for a crucial Main Panel on 'Overcoming Scope 3 Challenges: Climate Ready Supply Chains.' Our panel of experts will delve into the challenges and opportunities surrounding decarbonization of supply chains, exploring the steps needed to achieve this goal and the potential for collaboration with suppliers. This discussion is a must-attend for business leaders looking to integrate climate transformation into their company's supply chain. Our knowledgeable panelists will examine the impact of German/ EU Supply Chain law and the global pressure to track and reduce scope 3 emissions. Get ready to stay ahead of the curve as our expert panel provides insights and strategies for overcoming scope 3 challenges in a climate ready supply chain.

CLIMATE Online Fair

14:15 CEST

CLIMATE Pioneers will be waiting for you at our amazing Online Fair! You will be able to hear directly from them the innovative climate solutions they supply, and exchange contacts to make the most of this time.

 Fireside Chat - Collaboration in Scope 3 

15:00 CEST

Fireside Chat 3 Banner_#CTS2023 .jpg

Join the fireside chat on Collaboration in Scope 3 and learn how procurement can play a pivotal role in driving Climate Transformation. Our panel of experts will address the challenges of aligning procurement and climate strategy and discuss the key elements of a shared agenda. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and ask questions to the experts in the field. Get ready to discover how collaboration can lead to a more sustainable future through procurement. Don't miss this chance to engage with thought leaders on this important topic.


11:30 CEST

Experts from different fields, science and the ClimateTech sector take attendees on an interactive journey towards climate transformation. 

Register in advance for two of the 12 workshops available and get one of the limisted spots to your favorite one!

Short Pitches

13:30 CEST

During this time, attendees will hear different pitches from some of the CLIMATE Pioneers they will then be able to meet at our great CLIMATE Online Fair.

Champion Award - Best Practices from Practitioners 

16:00 CEST


Join us for the Climate Champion Award ceremony where we celebrate the best practices from leading practitioners in the field. This is your chance to see and learn about real-world solutions that are making a difference in the fight against climate change. The winners will be chosen based on the votes of the summit attendees, making this a truly community-driven event. Get inspired by the innovation and dedication of these climate champions as they share their stories and experiences. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event and join the collective effort to create a sustainable future!


17:30 CEST

Let's take a moment to look back on the day together and share our key takeaways before concluding the #CTS2023 with our final keynote.

Final Keynote: Anna Rathmann - Jane Goodall Foundation

16.20 CEST

Let's close the #CTS2023 with a powerful keynote by Anna Rathmann from the Jane Goodall Foundation. As a leading global conservation organization, the foundation, founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1977, is dedicated to the protection of chimpanzees and the conservation of the natural world for the benefit of all life, including people, animals, and the environment.
In this keynote, Anna will share her expert insights on how companies can play a role in making a positive impact and meeting their climate goals. Learn from JGI's community-centered conservation efforts and innovative use of science and technology to drive meaningful change. Get inspired and join the conversation as we look to the future of conservation and climate action.

Keynote Banner #CTS2023_Jane Goodall Foundation.jpg
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