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Experts from the fields of CO₂ measurement, reduction and sustainable procurement share their best practices, insights and experiences of corporate climate transformation. From corporations to SMEs, from climate officers to buyers. We invite you to be part of it! What awaits you:


12th September 2024

08:00 CEST - Arrival & Coffee at Impact Hub Berlin

09:00 CEST - Meet your Peer Group & Icebreaker

09:30 CEST - Welcome & Intro

10:15 CEST - Keynote

10:45 CEST - Main Panel on Scope 3 Action

11:45 CEST - Workshop Round 1

13:00 CEST - Lunch

14:00 CEST - Match Making & Networking

15:00 CEST - Workshop Round 2

16:00 CEST - Peer Group Summary & Final

17:00 CEST - Sundowner at Babette's Garten

Climate Transformation Summit 2024

Arrival & Coffee

08:00 CEST

We are very happy to welcome you to the 5th edition of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit in the location of our partner Impact Hub Berlin!

Grab a coffee, some breakfast and make yourself familiar with the location and the people of the Climate Community around you. 

Peers & Icebreaker

09:00 CEST

Meet with your Peers!

As Un-Conference we don't focus on PPP, but on people and action.

Meet your peer group for the full summit day, discuss the challenges and best practices you face with "Scope 3 Action". 

Welcome & Main Panel 

09:30 CEST

Introduction & Welcome!

Our moderator Lara Obst, Co-Founder of The Climate Choice, and the rest of the #CTS2024 Team will introduce you to the program for the summit day.


10:15 CEST

Dive Deep into Scope 3 Action shared by our KeyNote 


The KeyNote will be showing the Journey of a Corporate Transformation - focusing on Scope 3 Action.

Main Panel

10:45 CEST

Panel on the Main Stage at #CTS2024


Four Corporate Leaders from both, Sustainability and Procurement Departments, will share the reality behind supply chain decarbonization and transformation whole companies along the entire value chain. 


11:45 CEST

Workshop Round 1: Choose from three Workshops that run simultaneously


Sustainability Management: "SDGold - more than just an award!"

Sustainable Procurement: Establish your Systems & Guidelines to get it right.

Scope 3 Action: Join the Community and become a Leader.

Everyone with a #CTS2024 Pass can register to get one of the limited slots.


13:00 CEST

Meet your Peers -and enjoy the locally sourced and sustainable lunch served at Impact Hub Berlin.

Match Making & Networking

14:00 CEST

Speed Networking


The Summit is all about meeting your peers and learning from each other. 

In this speed networking session you have the chance to meet and mingle with any of the speakers, workshop host and the other peers you have not yet met. 

Only rule: You are only allowed to speak to someone you don't know yet.


15:00 CEST

Workshop Round 2: Choose from three Workshops that run simultaneously


Sustainability Management: Go beyond your company, tackle the supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing: Empowering climate decision-making in procurement.

Scope 3 Action: Achieving your Scope 3 Targets with AI Solutions.

 Everyone with a #CTS2024 can register to get one of the limited slots.

Peer Summary & Final 

16:00 CEST

Each of the 10 Peers Group presents their Learnings of the Summit


Last chance to pitch & present your best practice for the final "2024 Best Practice Guide" that will be shared with all participants afterwards.  

From 5pm onwards we will have our sun downer together at "Babette's Garten".

Contact & Location

The Climate Choice 

c/o Impact Hub Berlin

Rollbergstraße 28A, 12053 Berlin

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