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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit?
    As an interactive conference, the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit shows how successful climate transformation can be implemented - through effective decarbonization actions in companies and along the supply chain. Experts from the field share their experiences and best practices in the areas of measuring and reducing CO₂. Together, they empower companies to make climate relevant decisions and put their climate goals into practice. With a focus on "Making Scope 3 Action our Business", participants learn at #CTS2024 how to transform entire value chains, measure impact and reduce climate risks as well as emissions. As CLIMATE Community we gain insights into new technologies and methods that empower climate officers, procurement leaders and decision-makers. All participants and speakers interact in the panels and workshops in order to exchange ideas and get to know concrete climate solutions.
  • Who is the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit for?
    The #CTS2024 addresses decision-makers, climate officers and procurement leaders and everyone who aims to drive the climate transformation within their company and of the economy in general.
  • What makes #CTS2024 different?
    At #CTS2020 it was all about setting climate targets. The event offered best-practice solutions and a virtual stage for climate actions - against “climate distancing”. That year, the focus was exclusively on solution providers for climate-friendly B2B products and services. At #CTS2021 we went one step further, as numerous companies set themselves climate targets that had to be implemented. We therefore invited experts, who shared how they worked on implementing their climate goals. At #CTS2022, we acknowledge that the climate transformation requires a strong collaboration along the entire supply chain. New regulation and climate standards ask companies to take responsibility for their climate impact along the whole value chain - where up to 90% of their emissions come from. Therefore, we invited supply chain climate pioneers to share their best practices and challenges. At #CTS2023 we were focusing on "Making Transformation happen!". There were already so many great solutions and services out there to enable every company to become a climate champion and support the decarbonization of the economy. We gave those solutions and services a platform. Now in 2024, we don't have any more time and it is the year where we all need to take action! Hence, in 2024, our fifth CTS-anniversary we invite Climate and Procurement Leaders that take actions to decarbonize their companies and supply chains and those who want to learn from them. Together we discuss and design measures and best practices to make CO₂ reduction possible. 2024 is all about "Making Scope 3 Actions our business!"
  • In which language will the #CTS2024 take place?
    The conference language is English.
  • How can I actively participate and contribute to the #CTS2024?
    The professional exchange, strong interaction and networking opportunities between the participants are particularly close to our hearts. #CTS2024 lives for its CLIMATE community and aims to connect all participants with each other. This year in person and with an even stronger focus on networking and exchange of best practices and learnings.
  • Is the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit climate neutral?
    Since #CTS2024 is not a 100% online event anymore, the CO₂ will be much higher than the years before. Nevertheless, we measure the CO₂ emissions that occur with our partner and offset them with certified climate projects.
  • What formats can I attend at #CTS2024?
    There are various formats for the #CTS2024. You can choose from these formats: In the KEYNOTES, experts from politics, business and research will show the big and small climate successes, but also what still needs to be done and what opportunities the entrepreneurial climate transformation offers. In the MAIN PANELS, companies from different phases of climate transformation will present their action measures. In a diverse but transparent and factual discussion, we highlight a wide variety of perspectives from business, politics and research. During NETWORKING sessions and PEER exchange you can connect with other climate champions and perhaps even find new "partners in crime". At #CTS2024, 6 different WORKSHOPS will offer all participants the opportunity to work on concrete examples and to take climate actions now.
  • Is the program linear? Do I have to choose between different events?
    With the exception of the workshops , #CTS2024 is a linear event. All you have to do is decide in advance which workshop you would like to attend and register accordingly. More info on that will follow soon.
  • Which workshops will take place and how can I register?
    All workshops for the #CTS2024 will be publishes soon.
  • Is there a group discount?
    Your team wants to be part of #CTS2024? Please send us an email to and we can give you a group discount code.
  • Can I buy my ticket with invoice?
    Yes, with pleasure. Just send us an email at
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